converting text docs to .gif/jpeg files

    hi, does anybody know how to convert a text document to picture format such as .gif/.jpeg if at all possibe. i have a copy of some documents i need to send over the net but they need to be in .gif/.jpeg format (as if they have been scanned).


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    Cheers AugQX, thats for your help. Repped!


    Cheers AugQX, thats for your help. Repped!


    Oooh how about a rep for this? You have the where with all at your finger tips :thumbsup: .

    Doc on screen. Press PrtScn button. Open Paint. Then Edit>Paste>SaveAs

    OK 4 Ya? ;-)

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    i get a message saying 'an error is preventing the photo or video from being displayed' when trying to open the file up in picture viewer. does this mean i can't literally press f9 on one of my emails that i need to convert to jpeg and open/save it with this programme?

    best to convert to PDF. You can save as A4 page and produce A4 picture files like jpg.

    press print screen key....... then ctrl+v to paste in paint, then save as jpg or you can crop out your main windows easily...............just throwing my tuppence on how I do it.

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    Ok thanks for that everyone the paint option looks the easiest so thanks and repped all. thanks!!
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