Converting .vob files...

    Hey all

    I am ripping DVD's at the moment and they are being saved as .vob files. My WDTV Media Player doesn't recognise them. Anyone know the best was to get round this?

    I have managed to rip one DVD and get it working on the media player, but it has saved in chapters which is a real pain.

    I am using DVDshrink.

    Any help would be greatfully recieved and rep given!




    Google: erightsoft Super ... and be patient…tml

    If vobs do work but just chapters that s the problem then just download DVD decrypter go to settings and put file splitting to none , this will make it into one single file.

    DVD decrypter hasnt been updated for a while so you may find that some newer DVDs wont work as DVD decrypter wont be break through the protection. Better off just downloading the movies instead to be honest.



    +1 use this all the time

    With DVD decryptor i found that it was usually the sony disks that caused a problem with protection.
    If you use a program called AnyDVD - just need to have it running in the background while running DD, then it fixes the invalid DVD structure and away you go.

    That said, last time i used it was about 18 months ago.
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