Cooked ham joints??

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Hi all, I know this is going to sound really dumb... Over Xmas at a friends house we had some cooked ham on a 'leg shaped' joint. It was tescos finest, and it was already cooked so we had it sliced with salad. It was sooo nice!! I haven't had this with my family before and haven't seen it in the shops. Just went to do my online food shop tonight (tesco) and couldn't find it at all. Does anyone know if its a seasonal thing - ie only available at Xmas? Or what it's called so I can search for it? Have tried 'cooked ham' 'ham joint' etc. thanks in advance (: Emily x
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Usually seasonal to find loads of them. Tesco will stick them though. Cook your own it will be nicer. Any ham joint. Chuck in a bottle of cider and then orange juice. Amazing.
The start life as gammon joints. Yes, they tend to be available at Christmas and Easter. You may be able to get them at other times but holidays are when they tend to be easily available
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You might still find reduced xmas stock in store ~ if there's any left.

Otherwise I would recommend an unsmoked gammon joint from Aldi or Morrisons and cook it yourself in Coca Cola.

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Maybe not all that helpful, but it you're near an aldi they do a lovely cooked ham joint all year round, for about £3! x
strangely enough ham is beautiful basted with coke the full sugar stuff not diet. same goes for chicken. kinda bbq tasting.8)
I think I know what you mean. Tesco were selling them off cheap last week.

Sorry, but I think the packaging/item that you want is a seasonal thing.

Try searching for 'Ham on the Bone' its probably as close as you can get after Christmas.
Wow thanks everyone for the great replies - I am going to look into recipes for cooking it with coca cola or something as I saw that on a cooking show once and it looked great. I'm generally a chicken lover so wasn't aware ham could be so delish. Also my mother was a terrible cook so I'm discovering amazing new foods all the time (:
I have seen one for cooking in a slow cooker. Just put it in with nothing more than loads of brown sugar.

Google it. Its got good reviews
This is the recipe I have used a couple of times.

Cherry coke is good baste
I steam an unsmoked gammon joint and it is delicious. My neighbour introduced me to this way of cooking it and I was hooked. I find it hard to leave it alone X)
I cooked a smoked gammon joint in ginger ale just before Christmas (cooked it for 2 hours), then finished it off for an hour in the oven at around 180 degrees (basted with ginger jelly). Very good cooked this way so the coke will probably be wonderful.
Oh god I was dreaming of it last night so am now off to tescos with recipe in hand as provided by TangoTemptress thanks for all the responses everyone it's really helped! X
I will miss the sausage meat stuffing!
I always cook a ham at Christmas with cranberry juice, apple juice, cinnamon, peppercorns and an onion cut in half (topped up with water) simmering for approx 3 hours. Its so lovely, I never consider doing it any other way.

I will miss the sausage meat stuffing!

Buy a load and freeze?!

Can I ask what you all cook it in?? A deep pan with lid? Slow cooker? Or in an oven dish? X

Buy a load and freeze?! Can I ask what you all cook it in?? A deep pan … Buy a load and freeze?! Can I ask what you all cook it in?? A deep pan with lid? Slow cooker? Or in an oven dish? X

I cook mine in a deep pan on the hob with the lid half on.
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