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Found 13th Aug 2008
Hey, I have seen cookie jars on a few american TV shows (friends being one of them).

The jar has a clock face on it and it's pointing to 4pm. It's black and white and says Cookie Time on it. I want to get a cookie jar like this, does anyone happen to know where I can get one from? I've tried looking on ebay and google but can't seem to find anything.
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[image missing]

u mean like this?
Height - 11"
Available Spring 2004
Issue Price - $35

good luck!
it's similar to that but not quite...i'll see if i can get a pic of it...
you can jsut about see it behind Ross's head...…jpg
there are a few knocking about (diff styles) if you google "clock cookie jar" ... that's what i did lol. think the 4pm is just the time the hands do move/ some are clocks.

[image missing]

[image missing]


good luck!

btw the one in your piccy looks like a clock ... i mean with alarm bell on top. what do you reckon?

[image missing]

nah it's def a cookie jar, it's just quite big and made to look like a clock.
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