Cooking a gammon joint

Found 20th May 2012

I was wondering if someone could help me with this, I've googled it but I can only find ways of cooking a traditional gammon joint.

The one I'm using is this:…peg

I want to do something good with it, any suggestions or could I still cook it in the same sort of way as a traditional joint?

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get some honey poke holes in the top with a sharp knife or criscross it cover top with honey wrap in foil cook for a few hours dependent on weight for the last 30 mins upwrap foil to let the top go abit cripsier wella! x
Best thing to do is soak it for a good few hours in water. Then cook it slowly covered in brown sugar. If you've never tried it it's unbelievably good.
Obviously no good to you if you are cooking it today!
Yeah, I should have looked into this yesterday.... I think I might try the honey tip though.

I have got some fresh orange juice and I've seen a lot of recipes suggesting boiling it in that before cooking it in the oven, should I try that too?
Boil it for 10 minutes to get rid of saltyness, then either simmer in fresh water or part simmer part bake. baking may dry it out though.
Cool, thanks for the help!
Soak in overnight in water to get rid of the saltiness, then cook in a slow cooker with a litre of apple juice for about 7 to 8 hours. This was suggested to me by one of my friends and is lovely. Obviously no good for you today but you might like to try it another time.
Ham in Coca Cola. Seriously, you should try this. I thought wft? Just try it.…171
we allways boil them for 90 miunutes in strong cider, then coat with honey and roast for about 30 minutes on a high temperature. Yes, you should soak them overnight to remove salt.

Ham in Coca Cola. Seriously, you should try this. I thought wft? Just try … Ham in Coca Cola. Seriously, you should try this. I thought wft? Just try it.

As above & add peppered cloves & you will love it.
I boil it for 3 hours, it falls apart and is gorgeous
+2 for the Coke recipe. Its the best!
+3 for the ham in coke recipe. I now make it without the treacle and mustard though, just brown sugar rubbed over the scored skin and whole cloves pushed into it then oven for 20-30 mins (after the simmering in coke part that is). It really is the mutts doodahs
I've tried both the coke and the cider and think the cider is far nicer.
i just wack it in the oven in tin foil

no wonder it tastes like crap will hav to try some of your ideas lol
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