Cool Bluetooth Names

    As title any good ones? Mines currently NineBall


    Device Error!


    Corrupted Device.

    Makes a lot of people think.

    I was out with a group of mates male and female and I turned my bluetooth on and put my name as juganaurts! Cause I knew they were going to search and yes they found me but didnt know it was me my girly mate guessesd but the blokes texting didnt and it was quite funny listening to the comment esp when i took a clevage photo!! We did confess in the end they were gutted!!

    Try this. get a m8s mobile edit the name on your number to a member of the opposite sex and then prank call/txt em, can get people in real CPAP if their oh picks up the phone! :evil:

    Mines [COLOR="Red"]nokia6500[/COLOR] I no SAD

    A woman at work was given her phone by her son about a year ago. He had set his name as "sendmeporn" and she had been walking around with her bluetooth on all the time with no clue at all. Made me chuckle! :-D


    i think some of you need to edit your post, i got a warning for saying something not even on a par with the some of the above


    Avoiding the automatic swear filter will result in an warning/infraction being issued.

    Mine is Meh!

    mine is BIGUSDICKUS


    Mine is Mike, stupid bluetooth names just make me feel the need for … Mine is Mike, stupid bluetooth names just make me feel the need for regulated breading to be nationalised.

    I feel similar about regulated spelling, care to volunteer?

    mines milkybar kid.




    Did you join just to share that? Another newbie post missed by mods.

    I know what's what all the ancient threads being bumped? I've wasted so much time reading them before I realise X)




    took u a while to think of one!

    Mine is 'Searching...' As previously suggested

    just send



    just send

    You signed up for that! oO

    funny Guy

    mines skynet
    like a boss :P

    Big Balls

    Epic bump.

    Why are people still googling funny blue tooth names?

    old but funny thread

    OP thinks nineball is a great name

    dcx_badass slates those with stupid names

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