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Posted 22nd Sep 2015
Morning All,

Like all previous companies, im going to start a bonus ball draw for the Saturday Lotto here at my office.

Standard process, pound a number, winner takes all, rollover style.

However, usually its been pretty bland and its died a death a couple of times. However, id like to give it a catchy name... A little je ne sais quoi.

My name is Jason, so short of calling it "Jasons Balls... Why Not Come & Play With Jasons Balls" id like to give it something more 'marketable'.

Anyone have any good names? Funny names? Clever names?

I did Google it - and not much joy. I did find the 'Jolly Good Luck' Syndicate which I thought was awesome (as you could make all the posters etc very gentlemans monocle and stuff.

Any help would be great!
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I'm picturing a comic strip with the tag line:
"New Horizons stumbles over this week's bonus ball"

Although I suspect a lot of people wouldn't get the joke unless you're part of a science/engineering company.

What about some sort of Shakespearian theme referencing 'the globe'? All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.
The first thing I thought of was Jason and the Argonauts. Argonauts were sometimes called Minyans. That took me to Minions, the popular film characters. So how about The Minionairres Club?

First thing I thought was, I'm glad I don't work with you.
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