Cool, my neighbour's out practising his trumpet

Found 29th Apr 2009
One of my favourite things about the summer is that around the opening weeks of it, Bob from next door stands out in his garden and practises his bagpipes. I know bagpipes don't have a great rep, but I think that's mostly because they never record very well. Live, carefree and solo, my neighbour makes his sound brilliant. Anyway, he seems to have moved on to a trumpet this year, which I've never heard him play before. His technique needs some serious work, but he's getting htere, and I just wanted to share this with you all because there's no-one else to talk to, and I really love being woken up by Bob performing music in his garden.

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Why don't you sing ...........In a football song theme....

Stick your trumpet up your [email protected]
Stick your trumpet up your [email protected]


I had a neighbour who played the Bagpipes, badly, whilst I was on nights and trying to sleep.......arrrgggghhh.

Love Scottish music though. :-D

start a band - get some drums!! vry therapeutic

stand at ur door and shout (in britians got talent style) DJ neighbour says bobs got talent lol

i think thats quite long as he doesnt do it at 3 in the morning!!!!

Gratifying to see someone spell 'pracitising' correctly :thumbsup:

Cannie beat the bagpipes!!
I was asked to play the trumpet when I was at school. Gave up after 3 months but really wish I'd stuck in at it now.

He should check out ]

oh man...bagpipes :-( hed be playin em out his ass if he lived next door to me


Gratifying to see someone spell 'pracitising' correctly :thumbsup:

Yes, pity you didn't. :-D


Yes, pity you didn't. :-D


My daughter and I both play the cello.

I love the sound of bagpipes. My parents knew I was musical when I used to scream at "Amazing Grace" as a baby! lol
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