Cool new Nike advert...take it to the next level!

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Found 30th May 2008
I thought this was pretty cool when I saw it:…QTE



yeah its really good, love it

yeah really good ad, think its probably the best nike one yet.

It's football :o:-(

i personally think the best nike one was the scorpian thing when it was 5 a side in cages!

I've never worked out why folk would want to walk around doing advertising for Nike (Adidas, Puma or any designer brand) without being paid a penny for doing so.

Nike et al are prepared to pay a kings ransom for advertising in magazines, TV, sponsorship and the like, but they expect us dumbass schnuks to carry their advertising without getting a penny, on top of us having to pay way inflated prices to get the stuff in the first place.

And even then, why is it fashionable? because the labels have given a ton of free stuff to celebs with a big media presence for them to wear or, worse still, paid them to wear it.

Why do I get the feeling we're being jerked around something rotton.

think about that next time you put on a nice top with a dirty great logo across it.

maybe you'd be happier in CCCCUUUUUUUUUUUBAAAA:-D


maybe you'd be happier in CCCCUUUUUUUUUUUBAAAA:-D

Isn't that one of the places they get kids to stitch designer labels for like fourpence a time and flog 'em over here at forty quid a throw?

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