cooler / fan (pref with remote control)

Found 2nd Jun 2007
hi all

I'm looking for the cheapest remote control fan or cooler. Maplin have one for 49.99 but I'm unsure of the quality:


I'd prefer something small as it will be lugged around from room to room

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I bought one last summer, the make Prem-i-air. It was £69 new off of ebay, although it also had a heater (which comes in handy when you just want to warm a room up in 5mins rather than putting on the heating).

Although quite large, they are really light (which made it easier to just empty the water in the bath rather than a tray).

Although not as good as an air conditioner, it really helped last summer and made the air quality alot better. Especially nice when you add ice.

Fairly noisy when on high, but no noisier than a normal fan.

http://www.additionsdirect.co.uk/rf/add/navigation/product.do?Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&SNtt=fan&groupId=389035020&Nu=this_product&SNtk=littlewoods_search&Np=1&SN=104+85&Ntt=389035020&D=389035020&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2Bmatchall&thisprod=389035020&N=104+85&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&product=389035020I have this one, and you could get it for £30 if you are a new customer! :thumbsup: HTHWelcome to HUKD!Heres link to £10 off £20 spend :w00t: http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68614

:thumbsup: Just ordered one save me getting out of bed and waking myself up to switch it off lol .

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