Cooling Platform for laptop - recommendation?

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Found 16th May 2009
Hi there

Hoping someone can give me some advice, since there's lots of techy people here!

My hubby has a 17" widescreen Dell Inspiron. He would dearly love a good cooling platform for it. It sits permanently on a desk and he uses a wireless keyboard instead of the keyboard on the laptop. I think he would like one that tilts the laptop slightly, the screen would be closer to eye height then.

Does anyone have a good recommendation? It's for his birthday present and I would like to get a really good one. I've looked on play.com and mymemory and not seen anything that really grabs me.

Thanks in advance.


Why do you need one if it sits on the desk all the time. A cooler is if you put it on your lap and it gets hot. The PC is designed to cool itself and for standard use thats all it needs. Extreme Gaming maybe....Sorry may not be what you want to hear...Good luck
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