Found 29th Jun 2007
My brother signed up for the w810i 12months free 3-4 months ago, and he has been getting bills from Vodaphone but nothing actually being charged to the card?

As the first lot of cashback is coming up... what do you reckon we should do..

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Is he meant to be paying by Credit Card or Direct Debit?
CNM are very 'unforgiving' if you send the claims in wrong or late.

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Direct debit i'd guess, not 100%.

Can they give you a back log of monthly bills?

I don't see why not, but I don't think much to Vodaphone CS. My invoice/bill comes 2 days before they are due to take the Direct Debit Payment.
Whatever you do, don't be late sending the info requuired to CNM or you will lose all of the cashback claims.
As long as the invoices/bills you have show that it is being paid you should be OK.
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