Copies of medical records and/or blood test results, do you have to pay?

Posted 6th Jul 2010
I'm just curious as to the above.. Im considering asking for copies of my last blood tests, then I got thinking if I could have copies of my medical records too.

Am I right in thinking you have to pay for medical records, but not for copies of blood results? Has anyone done this, was it easy, what was the cost?

I just thought I'd ask before I ring the snappy receptionist and get fobbed off!

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It depends on your surgery I think, they will have different protocols and prices. I think though, that before you can see your records, the people who have written in them also need to sign some sort of consent form (at least they do for hospital records). There might be copies of your bloods kept in your records. I think your best bet is to call the surgery and find out. I don't know if you are a medic or not, but in case you aren't, if you are trying to look for something in your blood results you will probably need someone with you who can interpret them properly.
Blood tests should be ok but my doctors charge £45 for a copy of my medical records
Thanks for your replies

I just rang the surgery, the (new) receptionist said I have to speak to a doctor, she also said 'He might not want to agree to it', so shes requested he calls me, Ive then got to speak to the big boss doctor tomorrow and ask him.... Strong suspicion it will be a no!

Muckyangel, how far back did those records go please?

Thanks again.
Hospitals require advanced warning if you want to look at (not have a copy of) your medical notes, this is because someone has to sit with you while you go through them in case there is something you do not understand. Would assume the same would be true at the GPs

Do you just want to know what they say or do you actually need copies for work or something? Depending on how thick your medical notes are, this could be difficult! I know it would be near impossible to get mine, and they would definitely charge because it would cost them a fortune in paper alone!
Been under a few different hospitals and there seems to be different rules applied depending on which hospital. Some charge you for things that others dont. Some will copy you on letters they send out but not all.
ok just phoned my friend at the docs. if you want to look at your records you can make an appointment with the manager and it will cost £10 but if you want a copy you can get it from birth if they have all your old paper notes. you will have to check the price at your doctors.

hope this helps

The medical records.. No so bothered about, I just thought it would be useful to see the results from a few tests Ive had over the last 3 years as I got told twice that they would discuss the results in detail at a follow up appointment, I just needed to wait to heard from them re a date for that etc etc.. But both times I got sent a routine letter; results are normal, see you later, kind of thing! A few consultants also promised correspondence re the next route to take, again, nothing materialized. (yeah, I know, I need to be a pest, chase things up and perhaps make a nuisance of myself, and stand up for myself in the process perhaps!? I just came up against too many brick walls, no call backs etc, and in the end gave up)

The blood tests.. The GP said she was testing my "liver, kidneys, thyroid and will put a marker on it, ie, something isn't right, look for it" The latter Ive never heard of so I'm just curious as to what the results were, in detail, rather than 'normal' and Im wondering what this 'marker' was all about.
the last time i had a blood test i was told i could phone back in 2-3 days but if there is a prob we will phone you and ask you to come in.

Thanks everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it, ta xx

£10-£50 depending on the size of the files for a copy....or free to view by appointment at Drs
With the blood tests my Doc just printed them out then and there in my appointment, but my doctor is lovely and always wants to help.
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