Cops are to question....

    Cops are to question another Pakistini cricketer after he put a tenner on everton to win next week...!


    cops? shouldnt that be mental health professionals?



    Although we have had our worst start in 16 years still love the club.

    Talked about this earlier, given that Moyes is one of the most highly rated managers how long do you think this could on for before action was taken? Seems strange that someone tipped to take over from SAF is starting to look a little under pressure.


    Yes i agree, highly rated and under pressure i just dont understand how things have gotten this bad, he is picking the likes of hibbert (works hard for the team but is balls) distin (too unreliable this season) to start instead of players that are doing well when bought on, he sent yobo out on loan who is far better and quicker thn distin.

    Playing fellaini in an attacking midfield role and if i remember rightly moyse stated that fellaini is one of the best holding midfield players he has ever seen.

    Moyse has done a good job in his 8 years at the club with limited funds, but this season he seems to have got everything wrong. BUT who could we get in to do a better job than himself with no money. Thats what i wanna know.

    I read on a everton page last night that kenwright should just try and take out a loan and give the lot to moyse in Jan, but its easier said than done.

    I have ashes cricket 2009 for the PS3, its all scratched, ws going to give it to a pakistani to see if he could get the scratches off. Someone told me they were good at fixing cricket games.
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