Copter problems anyone know where i would get a screw or part to fit

    Hey there i have a Red "fly dragonfly" battery powered heli, its a brilliant flyer however recently while it was flying it managed to lose a screw i think from the vibration now ive tried a bunch of screws but cant seem to find the right one, there's no part information for it as its a screw that holds the tail down from the control unit, i was just about to sell the copter on but i tried it the other morning and there's problems with the take off because the wire isn't holding the tail down, now you can however do a take off holding the landing legs, not advisable as its not like a micro copter it does cut and hurt when you get hit by a rudder lol

    Now i've got slight problems cause the nearest fields are beside roads and the well past away yellow copter same make only newer model came to its death after crashing into a lampost breaking the cog underneath and if that wasn't bad enough destroyed by a bus which it then hit only reason i mention this is i have to fiddle with it because while messing about its lost its balance as into do with the body spinning if you understand.


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    Maybe you could use a self tapperscrew

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    well i tried a small screw out of a touch lamp which done the trick but it could hold if glued in but im afraid that using superglue might eat away at the plastic you know the way some superglues arn't suitable for plastics, plus it would have to be like a light sort of glue even know the parts in the center of gravitation, but i know with small copters such as the picoz that it can cause a weight differential.

    Try your local maplin or electronic supply store as it will be a machine screw

    Hi paul.
    do you have dimensions of the thread hole by any chance as its a little difficult to guage size from a photograph. also what length would you need?
    was it a machine screw that was in it previously?
    i have a couple of different size machine screws and if you could give me an idea of the size then i will send you couple to try. you could also use a little threadlock to prevent the screw from vibrating out again.
    let me know.
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