Posted 5th Aug 2022
just stumbled across this thought it was gonna be clines of high street bottles for a tenner

looks more like clones of designer after shaves (I didn't know existed) that are about £300 a bottle for about £40

have any of you bought from here or no any other similar cheaper options

any help appreciated
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    I’ve brought a few perfumes from Copycat, they are good! Like the other people have said, I don’t think they last as long, but for the price difference it’s worth it!

    Only difference I’ve noticed is that the small sample size perfumes you can try for £3.95/£4.95 seem to be more oil based and last ages…..where as the bottles of perfume seem to be less oily and less potent.

    Can’t fault the smells though! My favs being 540 (Baccarat Rouge) and Santal 33.

    Definitely try a sample size! xoxo (edited)
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    Arabian opulence is the one we use - they use oils rather than sprays - everything we've had so far has smelt amazing and lasted like best part of 12 hours+. Wife always gets compliments and same with me.. when you tell them it's a £4 copy oil when they think it's the real deal is always amusing!
    Thanks for posting! I’ve just brought some of the £4 samples, great to chuck in my to top up when needed! 😁 xoxo
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    I Use Milton Lylod
    Spray bottle bit diffrent but for price does job
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    Armaf is a good brand for copycats, one of the better fragrance houses
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    If you sign upto fm you can sell them yourself, seen some people make a very lucrative business out of this
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    I've bought a few from Essence Vault before when there was a cheap offer, ended up costing me around £12 a bottle. While they do smell pretty spot on, they don't usually last as long for me as the real deal.
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    as said, they smell similar but they don't last as long. i am guessing they are watered down version. like eau de toilette versions, watered down even more.
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    My experience with Copycat was good. I tried stuff from Essence Vault as well but felt it far too synthetic.
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    I’ve bought a few from perfume parlour, they smell identical.
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    I've order the sole pack

    We will see

    Sample pack (edited)
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    Where do you buy copycats? Is there a website for this? Please message me thanks.
    Google the names listed here and you will see the websites. Copycat Fragrances is a brand, by the way, apart from the others mentioned.
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    Next do a cheaper version of alien which smells exactly the same. Forgotten it's name
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    Copycat fragrances are awful. Smell only vaguely similar and don't last at all. (though that's actually a blessing)
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