copying onto external hardrive.

    films and tunes copy fine. when it comes to games and mods they appear to copy on ok but cant extract them onto computer at other end, what am i doing wrong?


    What operating systems are on the two PC's and what is the external drive formatted at (NTFS / FAT 32?)

    Is it image files >4GB in size that you're trying to copy by any chance? Maybe the destination computer is FAT32 formatted. Although I'd imagine that this would be apparent when the error message is displayed when you try to copy them.

    You are probably getting minor file errors. Most movies and music in normal formats can cope with a few screwed up blocks but games and archives can't. This is a problem I've had with many external USB drives. I find the more you spend on the drive interface, the less likely this is to happen. Or switch to use external SATA which seems much more reliable.


    what software did you use to compress and extract? Make sure they are the same.
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