Copying photos from Google Photos to a new folder in Facebook?

Found 5th Dec 2017
I have some photos on Google Photos. I would like to have copies of them put into a new album on Facebook, however, I can't work out how to do it. I have done a test with the following instructions but this just post the photo on my timeline to share:-

"Open it, and there are all of your phone photos. Select the ones you want to upload to Facebook (touch a photo, that gives each photo a checkbox in the corner, check the boxes you want).Click on the share icon (sideways V shape). Click Facebook, and the rest is typical Facebook stuff."

Can somebody explain how to do this please, as I don't want the photos to be posted on my timeline - I just want them placed into a new album on Facebook?

Thank you.
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When you click share to Facebook and Facebook opens.
At the bottom on the left ( before you confirm ) you should see album icon (2nd icon from the left) click that and choose which album you want to put them in.
Well that's how it is on android.
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