Copying screen info to Word

    I know how to do a single screen print onto Word but how do you grab a whole page, which might run to many screens, and put it into a Word document?
    Any advice would be appreciated


    even when using multiple screens if you use printscreen it captures both screens...not sure if that answers you q tbh

    Not quite sure what you mean but wouldn't Select, Copy & Paste do the job?

    I think OP is asking that if he wanted to copy a page, but you could only get half the page on the screen, and then you had to scroll down to get the other there a way you could do a single screen print and get all the information.

    I dont think there is, but copy and paste??

    zoom out on the webpage and then take a screen print?

    Depends on what sort of info you need to capture, I can right click this page > select all > copy > paste it into word and it copies the whole page but maybe not all the info you require it to.

    Does it have to go into word?


    free gadwin printscreen (best printscreen utility ever!)

    draw a rectangle around each screen area and paste it. then repeat....................

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    Thank you greg_68 - that is exactly what I am after.
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