Copyright Cops Target Kids Schools and Community Centers....

    Link in next post, please have a read of it and discuss. Sad society we live in.


    chain reaction coming up ... akin to the tumbling stock markets/financial institutions and everything else dependent on it!

    “Radio stations pay large amounts of money to licensing organizations PRS and PPL for the music they play, and music has been on the radio for many years. During the war, there were programmes like Workers Playtime and Music While You Work. Now, many radio stations have features about workplaces. If the PRS force people to switch their radios off then how are these stations going to survive?

    Music has to be heard before people go out and buy it.”

    Original Poster

    I think that was the best part of the article because radio has really been pushed over the last few years as 'the' medium for far reaching advertising because everybody listens to the radio at some point as background noise, nice subliminal advertising. Well its not that if you've got nobody to advertise to..... Talk about shooting themselves in the foot :roll:

    think they need to think of better ways to protect copyright to an extent that works. i think people/fans generally respect the artist – it's all the middle people who muddle the exchange of music creativity and paying for that enjoyment.
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