Coral (Go to Coral via Quidco, deposit & bet £10, Get a Free £10 bet + a possible £25.40p Cashback)

    Here is a no brainer for possible cashback.

    Open up a Coral acount via quidco

    Deposit £10 & bet it on a single sports event - in return coral will then give you another £10 bet on your account straight away for free.

    PLUS you ''should'' also get £25.40p tracked & validated into your quidco account within 24hrs.

    So there you go (YOU COULD BE £15.40p BETTER OFF) & you never know one of your 2 bets might win as well.

    Worked for me yesterday


    Not always true. I never got the quidco and my enquiry dissaperared into thin air as well. Yes i did meet the T&Cs and was not registered on any other coral sites.

    Original Poster

    Did you chase it up with Quidco then

    i did this for hubby last week
    09 Aug 2008 14:49:08Coral0.0025.00validated~ Nov 2008
    09 Aug 2008 14:54:07Coral5.000.10validated~ Nov 2008
    09 Aug 2008 14:54:07Coral5.000.10validated~ Nov 2008
    09 Aug 2008 14:57:38Coral10.000.20validated~ Nov 2008

    The Cannie Buyer;2764448

    Did you chase it up with Quidco then

    Yep thats why i said my enquiry vanished as well. I still have an enquiry with e2save from Mar2007 still open so wouldn't hold up much hope anyway. Quidco is good when you intend to use the company anyway but i wouldn't trust it trying to make a few quid here and there.

    I was stupid enough to try this with Coral and Virgin Bingo last January. Neither tracked on Quidco, I chased up in the proper manner and ultimately..... never got a bean. Strange how the larger amounts on Quidco never seem to get paid to you.............
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