Cordless 18V power tools bundle (Drill, Impact driver, Grinder, Jigsaw, 3 batteries and 2 chargers) for £187 delivered

Posted 17th May 2020
I’ve seen a few deals posted for different cordless tools and one of the issues I’ve noticed is the ability to get compatible kit and batteries for a decent price can be a bit of a problem. Last year I was lucky enough to get an Ozito Power Xchange tools bundle (Compatible with Einhell) for £149 (see and I was so impressed I’ve started buying compatible power & garden tools - choosing Einhell or Ozito whichever gives the best value for the tool.

This deal is for a cordless drill, driver, angle grinder and jigsaw, complete with 3 batteries (2 x 1.5 ah and 1 x 3 ah) and 2 chargers (one of which is a fast charger).

Einhell Drill and Brushless Impact driver Combi kit (with 2 x 1.5 ah batteries and charger) - £99 CPC Farnell

Grinder skin - Wickes £39—Bare/p/207908

Jigsaw Skin - Wickes £50—Bare/p/207900

Einhell 3 ah battery and fast charger - Wickes - priced at £38 however add it to your basket with the other tools and it will be discounted to £0

All Einhell kit typically has 3 year warranty (excluding batteries) once you register your purchase and Ozito kit has a 5 year warranty.

One big benefit of this deal is that you can add other Einhell or Ozito tools to this bundle and select whichever’s cheapest from the main suppliers (Ozito is Homebase, Einhell is Wickes, Toolstation, Amazon and others) and you’ll not need batteries you will just need to by the skins only. If you want extra batteries you can get either Ozito or Einhell from any of the above picking the best price per amp hour. I’ve done a similar cordless garden tools tools bundle on HUKD - lawnmower, strimmer, hedge trimmer and 2 x 3ah batteries and 2 chargers (one of which is a fast charger) for £175 - see

Options on the above deal

If you prefer a Circular saw rather than a jigsaw you could go for the Einhell saw on Amazon for £63

Instead of the combined Drill & Driver kit you could buy the individually below and get different mix of batteries & chargers

Einhell Combi Drill kit - Amazon £57 with 1 x 1.5 ah battery

Brushless Impact driver skin - Wickes £75—Bare/p/208066 and you could then add another free 3ah battery from Wickes
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