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    What sort of prices I am looking for when buying a good 18V cordless hand drill??
    I would like to have it with an extra battery, charger, and a case.
    And something from a trusted company like Black&Decker or Bosh.



    I've got a Worx cordless drill which is pretty good. I'm no expert in these things, but it was recommended to me by the technician at the technology department at school as they got some which are obviously trashed by kids all day long. The big things for me were that it came with 2 batteries, a case and a 3 year guarantee!

    Mines only the 14.4V and it cost me about £50 a year or so ago. I got mine from Homebase but I'm sure other places sell them. If I get chance I'll try to do a search.

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    I was thinking about something around 50 pounds but I guess its more than that. Hmm. I could probably get a less powerfull one than. maybe 14V or 12V??
    Any suggestions??


    If it is just for drilling wood,driving screws in other words home DIY a 14v is the ideal weight. I would recomened Bosch but really for DIY most makes now are reliable. Spare battery and quick charge are essential this is where the money goes
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