cordless home phone?

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Found 13th Oct 2016
Can anyone recommend me a good cordless home phone
Twin trio or quad

Many thanks


I have a BT set and they are great.

Just use a good mobile and cut down on redic land line fees

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Elaborate please

I've been using a Panasonic KX-TG8323E for the last few years, no problems. It's the trio model with answer phone. They also do twin and quad.

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Like stv1950 ... +1 for Panasonic.
I work from home, spend a lot of the time on the phone, and have tried a good few makes/models over the years. In my experience, Panasonic are the best by miles.
If I were looking now, I'd go for the KX-TGJ323EB (this is the trio with answerphone, but they do single, duo, and quad too).
I've currently got the older version (KX-TG8523EB) for both home and work. They have a really good signal, and are still going strong after years.


Panasonic or the £30+ one BT.
iv gave so many back because they are useless.
remember to start your budget at £30+


Condition? Price?

this isnt a FS/FT thread! oO



Condition? Price?

This isn't FS. Thread locked

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