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    Does anyone know of a cordless phone that doesnt require the first phone to be connected directly to the phone socket. Are there any phones that you just plug a wireless "dongle" into the landline socket and then the phones just have base stations.

    Not sure if that explains it well, but the main problem is, i dont want a phone plugged into the main phone socket as its not in a good location.

    Thanks in advance


    Move main socket. Your not supposed to but only 2 wires so not technically challenging. If you don't want to try yourself find someone you know that will.

    Not to sound daft but you can plug a phone into any telephone socket you want, it doesn't have to be in the master socket. Our base unit is plugged into a slave socket in our bedroom and the 2nd phone just needs a charge point for it.

    Who told you that you could only use the master socket ?

    You're not using these aswell are you ?

    You could use a phone line extension lead and neatly run the cable to a place of your choice and hide the base once plugged in
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