Cordless Hoover

    Looking for any recommendations for good cordless hoover


    Does it have to be a Hoover or can it be any brand of vacuum?

    I can recommend the Dyson V6 total

    Definitely the v6 its a god send

    If your after the v6 it's on offer for £269 in John Lewis - I just bought it for my parents

    Depends on your budget and use.

    Recently/currently I have a vax air cordless for a small mixed floored property. Great for wood and carpet as it has a button for the brush for carpet and a boost button which I also use for carpet. It's pretty hefty compared to the one below (doesn't quite fit under the sofa). I'd recommend it if you can't afford the premium Dyson- I got the vax near £130 on offer. It has a light to see any crumbs on the wood floor and has a detachable hose end and you can lift the main motor/cyclone bit out so you can carry it around for getting in the corners and above cupboards etc.

    Previously I had an aeg 2in1 ergorapido for an all laminate property. Great if you have long hair as it has a pedal to auto cuts all the hair stuck on the brush (didn't realise what a pain this was until I got the vax!)
    . It was fine for a small all hard wood floor but isn't good for carpet. Also has a light and has a small hand vacuum that you can detach and use on sofa/car etc. I use this one for a quick clear up but the bigger vax if I want to do an actual hoover...

    but the last couple weeks I got a robotic vacuum irobot. It's awesome. I've got pets and this really makes life so much easier. It's cordless and automatic


    Does it have to be a Hoover or can it be any brand of vacuum?

    Always one

    I got the reconditioned Dyson DC59 animal off the Dyson EBay outlet ,seemed brand new and came with every tool you could want including a mini motorised head as well as the large motorised head . It was about £130 then as they were having a sale . Don't bother too much about the model numbers , the motor, battery and workings of the DC59 are exactly the same as the V6- just a different badge and paint job .

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    I went against the grain and have a bosch, one of these:…307 - brilliant cleaning and very good build quality. I'm always amazed at just how much pet hair and dust it picks up from the carpets and rugs. Perhaps not as versatlie as the Dyson but certainly does a great job of replacing a corded vacuum.The spinny brush comes out and is designed to make it easy to remove hair and threads that get wrapped around the spindle.One of the best purchases I have made, and used several times a week if not daily. It doesn't have a charging station type affair, but I have found a niche for it in the utility room where it can sit and go on charge without being knocked over. Looks like they are price matching at the moment too. Uri

    Dyson V6 is now on sale 150 John lewis check the link here, asleep 170 on dyson site
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