Cordless phone triple or quad pack with answer phone

    Hi there,

    I've got a set of binatones which have basically packed in so looking to replace them with the above,was too late to get the panasonic deal that was posted :x so any help would be appreciated.



    Triple pack from Amazon for £45.99 delivered, worth a look.…ics


    I was fortunate to get the panasonic 4 phone pack with answering machine for £64.95 - 3.5% quidco discount....less than half price! Posted it here but got pretty feeble response for my!

    As far as I can tell they have now gone back to £129.99 almost everywhere.

    However, I have been doing a little homework for you.......

    You can get the 3 phone pack with answering machine from John Lewis for £68.90 delivered, less (I think!) a whopping 8% from quidco - even if only applied to pre VAT and delivery price...this reduces the price a further £ a net £63.46.

    Comet is now charging £99.95 (less 3.5% quidco) by comparison. Amazon is £75.49 delivered....go here for customer reviews (1st one is bad because no jack plug!).

    I have found the phones excellent - there is a cheaper version without an answerphone - but I haven't the energy to look them up - sorry! One of the best features is that you can enter phonebook details on 1 handset and send them to the others. Bearing how much use the phones get in our household and the length of expected service, I think its worth paying a bit extra for a quality product.

    For JL deal - go to site via quidco. Find the phones (search for Panasonic KXTG7123ES Trio DECT) - then just above where you add credit card details add this code: Teleg87305 (this knocks off £15).

    Good luck

    ps - you can get the 4 phone version from JL for an extra £20 (less approx [if pre VAT] 8% re quidco) - Model KXTG7124ES.

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    Wow! thanks for the respones,those pannys are just what im after and their at a good price not much above the previous deal :oops:

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