Cordless Phone with Built In Loud Speaker


    I am looking for a dect phone that has built in loud speaker facility in the phone rather than the base unit. I have an old Panasonic that has this facility.

    i don't really need a twin pack.

    I can't seem to locate one, so hopefully someone has recently bought a phone with this facility.

    Thanks in advance



    we bought binatones from agros two handset had loudspeker and dect,

    not sure how much i was

    Panasonic Dect phones - well reccomended best I have ever had. Great sound quality, battery life and well made. Think most of them have a speakerphone facility built into the handset my 7120 does and it works well.

    You might buy cheaper but doubt you will buy better

    Mine is of course old model but think this is the replacement…spx

    Fairly sure that it has a built in speakerphone but best check - it may also have a headphone jack if that is of any interest I know some panasonics did - mine didnt though as it was the base model got 5 for under £90.
    If you already have a dect phone in the house then you could simply buy a handset to add to the existing system provided it is GAP compatible but you can run into problems even so with call transferring and registering/deleting handsets.

    BT Freestyle 7110. - I have this one and highly recommend it
    Argos do one too - the button for it is on the side - BT freestyle 650 but it is not listed as having this in the features specifications. Dad just bought one cos hes a bit deaf and wont wear his hearing aid!
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