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Cordless TV ariel?

Posted 11th Jan
Hello guys,

Are there any good cordless tv Ariels that can be bought off the shelves?

I would have to lift the carpet up in the living room to run the current ariel lead from wall to tv. I would prefer doing this if possible.
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No cordless TV aerials IMHO.
No, either seek out a TV over WiFi solution like HD homerun, just use catchup services rip up your carpet.

The is also the option of a indoor ariel but they are very poor.
Could you run a cable under the carpet using one of These
You may be able to do it with a measuring tape, push tape under carpet, then pull back through with cable attached!
Get one of these. It depends how far you are from the mast.
I was lucky as not too far and can pick up most Freeview channels.
Cordless TV aeriel. Great concept.
I saw one at Tesco. Next to the inflatable dart boards.
D4veyD4ve11/01/2020 19:20

I saw one at Tesco.

Tesco Express use them to demo Samdung's latest 50" portable smartTV.
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