Cordless/Wireless Headphones

    My Thomson ones have just literally snapped in two but that's after a lot of daily usage. I need a replacement and I'd like them to be pretty cheap even though I would like a decent quality pair money is always an issue for me, why else would I have bought Thomson lol, So my limit is about £30.

    I thank you in advance!


    is it for computer/audio system?
    i have a cheapo unbranded "super megabass" BNIB if you're interested

    edit: brand Gadget-Tech pic available if theres interest on your part

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    I use them for a multitude of things, mostly watching TV & Movies at night when everyone is asleep.
    I'm not adverse to getting unknown brand but I want a quality pair, I've long tolerated the hiss these headphones make but I can't tolerate them breaking after a few months use especially as I use them everyday.
    Plus even though it's not a necessity I'd also love a docking station too so my phones are always charged and ready to go and so that I don't lose them.

    well in that case i dont think youll be much interested in mine then... although just in case heres the pic:

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    That looks alright but it's not exactly what I'm looking for.

    Thanks anyway!
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