Core 2 Duo 6600-Cheapest?

    Where is the cheapest source of a Core 2 Duo 6600 4Mb cach CPU.

    Is it worth holding off until April when I heard rumours of substantial price cuts? Any idea when/if at all in April?


    IMO it is worth waiting...AMD have dropped wholesale prices so expect INTEL to follow

    wait you could be 60 pounds better off in april...:)

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    Would amazons price drop refund kick in with this?


    Would amazons price drop refund kick in with this?

    surely only if it is supplied by Amazon..they use a lot of third party suppliers for IT stuff.

    Cuts are rumoured for 23rd April if you believe the Ebuyer and Overclockers forums. I'd suggest waiting.. might be next model up at same price.

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    I'm would be the same model CHEAPER!

    Ha fair enough. Not a huge diff anyway between the Conroes- far better than the Allendales, and overclock like crazy. (as far as 5ghz on water cooling, 4.2 on air stable if you have the nerve to try something that insane).
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