Core2Duo Laptop with integrated Webcam around £350

    Am looking for a laptop for my mum. Want something bigger than a netbook (13.3" or more). Looking for a Core2Duo processor and an integrated webcam (so she can talk on skype with her friends abroad). I would have got one without the webcam, but external webcams keep breaking in my house.

    I have a Lenovo T500 from work which is excellent, but also quite pricey. But generally it (Lenovo) would be my preference as its been the best laptop I have owned (and I have been through quite a few different brands at work).

    I have seen the following two deals on HUKD already but one does not have the webcam, and the other is Dual Core - which makes me feel there should be a laptop with the specs I want for the price (maybe with a little help from some vouchers?)

    HP550 (without webcam) £339.99…844
    Lenovo N500 (dual core) £379.99…356

    This is more of what I am after, but is a bit out of my price range (originally I was looking at £300 but now will go around £350).

    Lenovo N500 (perfect) £411.99…357

    If anyone finds anything anywhere let me know. I am in no rush and am willing to wait for the right deal to come along.


    Why does it have to be a Core 2 Duo laptop specifically, as a pose to a Pentium or similar dual core?

    Original Poster

    Performance is better. Although mum will be using it for now, I might start using it if I change jobs. Something with a Core2Duo processor should be more than capable of running applications released in the next 2 years (well maybe thats a bit optimistic... but would be longer than a single core). I do not want an AMD chip for preference. Have been comparing lots of laptop chips and have found performance wise that Core2Duo stand out against the competitors.…tml
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