Core2Duo Motherboard with onboard graphics

    Hi, i'm looking for a replacement for a faulty motherboard from ebuyer.

    It needs to support socket 775 core2duo CPU (E4400), SATA2 (SATA-300) hard drives, DDR2 RAM (667), PCI-Express x16 and have on-board graphics.

    Would like a relatively reliable name too, if possible.

    I've been looking at this ASRock board…895

    Can anyone find anything similar or better for the same or less price? (£45.71)


    Heres one:…745
    Checked the connectivity and it does have an VGA port.

    Could I ask does it have to be a mATX?


    Heres one: the connectivity … Heres one: the connectivity and it does have an VGA port.Could I ask does it have to be a mATX?

    Be warned though, that the above board suggested only has an 800FSB...

    "This motherboard supports FSB800-CPU. If you plan to adopt Core™ 2 Duo CPU on this motherboard, you can only adopt Conroe 800 E4XXX processors."

    Original Poster

    No, doesn't have to be mATX, I have a full ATX case.
    Unfortunately that board only have PCI-E x4, which would limit possibilities for future graphics upgrades.

    Anyway could I ask how much are you willing to spend?

    Original Poster

    Would like to spend the same or less (preferably less!) than the motherboard mentioned in the first post (£45)
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