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    Any of you good people recommend a hotel in Cork?

    A midweek stay for 2 is required- nanny (as in parent not hired help) has moved to Co Cork and is well up for a bit of childminding during our forthcoming visit.

    Any ideas?

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    thought this might help. Cork is a large place so it depends really on were your family are living.

    Hayfield Manor is incredible and the food is brilliant.

    Incidently, if by any chance you're a vegetarian, the Cafe Paradiso is a great restaurant with a lovely B&B attached near the centre.

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    Family living outside of cork - about 1hr away so where we stay doesn't matter - no children to tag along as baby sitter in the Country. Thanx for the advise - will check them both out. (and the inside of a ,if not many bars) big fan of the black stuff moi !

    Stay in Cobh, it's lovely, and not too far from Cork city centre


    Didn't manage to find a hotel, but here's a ]house made of Corks.

    Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    ]Lancaster Lodge is quite nice, was there last year...
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