Corner bench and table

    I am struggling to find a corner table suite (got not a clue what's a proper name for it) for my newly decorated (I hate DIY.... I hate DIY!) dining room.

    Here is what I need:…jpg

    I've got two questions to you folks:

    1) Can someone point me towards some company with reasonable prices? So far the only company I've found is…112 Lawton Imports and they are too expensive.

    2) What is the proper name for this kit? Sorry I am not a native English speaker and struggling to find proper word for it


    I think you're using the right name.

    Is this OK, not cheap at £350 and no cushions but they are easy to get hold of


    Original Poster

    Thanks! (rep comes your way :))

    I saw this one in Google, not sure if I like the styling though. I'd rather have something more modern, TBH, like the one from Lawton, but not at their price.

    There is this one too, unfortuately it's similar to the Scotts one

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