Refreshed 5th Nov 2020 (Posted 20th Mar 2020)
Update 3
Here's (yet another) update following the changes over the weekend

  • We will continue to allow in-store deals, provided the retailer has branches outside of Tier 4 areas (if it has some in Tier 4, and some outside, that will be fine). The community support team will add some text like this to the top of each in-store only deal - if you post one, would be great if you can help us by doing the same:

    Important. During this period of heightened restrictions, it’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can find your local restrictions ( here. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item.

  • We will continue reviewing travel deals case by case, but very much err on the side of removing them as we have been - especially if they are in the next 3 months, or involve outlay now. The team may well need to discuss this, so it's possible you'll see deals disappear then re-emerge if we approve them. Please be patient with us .

  • Items bought from overseas. Where it is obvious that the item will be travelling into the UK from abroad, we will be adding this text at the top - again if you get a chance to add similar that would be great:

    Important: Due to the current situation at UK ports, be aware this item could take longer than usual to arrive
This is an updated OP, as of 5 November - old post is added at bottom

As England is about to enter a second period of lockdown on Thursday 5 November, we have been chatting about how to handle deals this time around. The good news is, as the rules announced so far are a bit more complete from the get-go, there is less ambiguity and we know what is allowed and what isn't. Specifically we know all essential shops can stay open, and are explicitly allowed to sell any item (ie, not rope off items they deem non-essential). We also know click and collect is allowed.

  • So, in-store only deals are allowed, unless it is REALLY obviously against the rules (eg, a clothes-only retailer tried to break the rules and open stores). When the team here see one, we will add a message into the top of the thread like last time, along the lines of ths:

    Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. During this period of restrictions, it’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can read more here about the restrictions in England from 5 November (

    If anyone who posts an in-store deal could do this themselves, we'd really appreciate it
  • All click and collect deals will be allowed.

  • If 'non-essential' retailers offer in-store only deals in just their Scottish, Welsh (after firebreak) or Northern Irish branches, we can allow them, while including the same message.

  • Takeaway and delivery food is all explicitly allowed, so all deals will be allowed too. It’s unlikely, but if any restaurants or pubs launch deals for eat-in, these would be removed

  • Travel - here, we'd like to be a bit looser with rules, and ask for your help. All apart from ‘essential business travel’ is not advised, but technically this means that flights/hotels could still be booked. Despite that, especially for travel until 2 Dec, we don't really expect or want a lot of travel deals - and will err on the side of removing them. But we also want to use discretion for other deals too.

    For instance, if there was a great offer on cheap flights for next summer, and the refund conditions seemed solid, we would consider allowing it. Also, last time there were offers like 'free booking credit', and it seems sensible to allow those too.

    However, these will require a bit of discussion and also subjectivity, so may often mean we take a while to decide as a team - or even make a decision and then reverse it the next day/after the weekend. Please be patient with the team, and also feel free to highlight offers like this in this thread and we can chew the fat on them. This is an attempt to be a bit more nuanced rather than making a blanket rule, so let's see how it goes!
  • Gift vouchers - Where the deal involves buying a gift voucher, we will be trying to spot these and add in some text at the top along the lines of this:

    Important: Whenever you buy a gift voucher for use in the future, there is always a risk of businesses not being around for you to redeem it. We will try to include T&Cs related to this where we can. NB This is no reflection on the retailers included in this post

    If members are happy to add this in themselves, that would again be a great help

Please continue to let us know all your thoughts on the above, and any other areas you think we should consider. And please all stay safe

And finally, I would like to take the opportunity to ask you to do everything in your power to slow down the spread of Corona as much as possible:

- Pay attention to hygiene and rather wash your hands once too often (although there is actually no such thing as too much)!

- Avoid unnecessary physical contact / proximity to other people!- Refrain from stockpiling! This means that people who belong to risk groups have to go to the supermarket more often.

- If you do not belong to a risk group: Check whether you can help your neighbours, acquaintances or relatives if they themselves belong to a risk group, e.g. by buying food. Many neighbourhoods seem to be setting up schemes to check on vulnerable people, so you can volunteer there. Let us know if you see any online/nationwide ones and I can add them here:

Member @MrBeansDrivingInstructor has suggested, which also has smartphone apps - I'm going to try these out

And otherwise: Stay at home if possible, and stay safe!

Thank you for everyone's patience during this time. There are tricky balances to strike here and we might not always get it right, so please keep feeding back and flagging any situations for us to have a look at.
Community Updates
Old post - see above for update.

Hi all.

We know that the Coronavirus has taken over all of the news, social media, and already many deals and discussions on here too. And while we hope this site can provide some distraction and appreciate some may think “Oh no, please not another post!“, we also know how serious the situation is. So we think it is necessary to let you know how the situation will affect what you see on hotukdeals and some parts of how we work at the moment, and that it is likely it could affect it even more in the future.

Of course, we cannot see the future and know no more than you do. Because of the dynamics of the situation, we cannot make any precise predictions as to what might change exactly and when, or whether anything further will change at all for hotukdeals or not.

As a company, we too are naturally facing new challenges. Last Wednesday we changed company policy to say anyone who wants to can work from home can do so (normally we are about 50/50), then one day later we made home office compulsory. Not primarily because of the fear that an employee might fall ill (although this of course also played a role), but above all in order to do justice to our social responsibility and to limit social contact or rather physical proximity and - if it is in our power -to slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible.

We are in the lucky position of being able to do the vast majority of tasks in our jobs from home - though we appreciate many people cannot. Many of you will be working from home by now and are probably working out (like we are!) that this causes new problems: How can you work at home if you have to take care of the children at the same time? How does the cooperation work if you can’t just chat with someone for a short time over a coffee? How do you make sure that the normal and absolutely necessary ‘off topic’ chatting between colleagues can still take place?

Thanks to a great team of management, HR and others, I think we are very well positioned and prepared (or as well as we can), but of course we don’t know exactly what it will be like when perhaps entire supply chains break down and there may simply be no more deals in the true sense of the word, because no retailer has more planning security and their own budget for such actions is reduced.

Or alternatively, maybe the site will be flooded with deal submissions as more and more people self-isolate or work from home, and we will have the opposite challenge of dealing with the moderation of all that content to keep the site usable.

We will therefore analyse the situation on a daily basis and, based on our information, make the decisions that seem most reasonable to us. Due to the dynamics of the whole situation, we will probably not be able to think about every decision for days, but may be forced to react quickly or, in the best case, act naturally.

Just for example, some threads that previously would be placed in discussions may be moved to deals, if we think that will get important information to people more quickly. You may also see some different types of content published and promoted compared to usual - we check what users are looking for in our search, and also follow the news closely (for instance, at the moment we are giving greater prominence to information about supermarkets, and freebies you can use to pass the time, than we normally would)

Of course we will keep you informed about every major change. And of course your feedback is still very important to us. Nevertheless I ask for your understanding if you are dissatisfied with one of our decisions or changes, and patience if we aren’t able to communicate instantly any changes as they often happen a a very fast pace.. I can assure you that we will always try to make decisions in the interest of the whole community or that this is by far our highest priority. Since the situation is completely new for us and we don’t have a master plan for something like this in our drawer, we will certainly make mistakes!

After considering back and forth, I have decided to leave the comments open here. We won’t have definitive (or sometimes any!) answer to your questions, and I know that can be frustrating. But we really do want to hear how you are doing, and how you feel we are doing, so please do comment below- but hopefully you can be patient if we don’t have all the answers Also please, this is not the right place to discuss the ins and outs of COVID-19 or government policy.

Temporary updates to posting/community rules

As mentioned in the post, we are going to make a lot more, quicker changes to rules to cover this uncertain period, and I will keep a log of the main ones here

Deals not allowed

  • Any deals that mean you have to go in-store to a shop that isn’t a supermarket or grocery store - including click and collect. Any prices for deals in non-supermarkets must now include delivery cost in the title
  • If NHS discounts require going in-store, we’re afraid these will no longer be allowed either

Still allowed

  • Any deals which allow Delivery
  • Petrol / Diesel price offers still allowed.
  • In-store supermarket deals for all types of items. We will be warning not to take a special trip as stock cannot be guaranteed.
  • Even though the advice now differs between the four countries of the UK, we don’t get many in-store deals posted for stores that are only in Scotland/Wales/NI with none in England, so in general I don’t think we need to differentiate between regions with what is and isn’t allowed. Please flag any deals you do see that fall into this category though and we can discuss how to deal with these

Update 12 June

From Monday 15 June all in-store deals will be allowed again, regardless of the type of shop. To help people stay safe and well informed, @Dan_82 has pulled together this epic guide of different stores’ plans, and the measures they will have in place -…282 - please comment in there if you have any more info on the stores include or any others.
Update 2
Hi all. From 6pm on 23 October, Wales will be in a ‘Firebreak’ lockdown. So, from tomorrow, any in-store only deals (at shops (excluding supermarkets), pubs, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, bowling alleys etc etc) where the only branches are in Wales, won't be permitted on site. You can read about the full restrictions here:…ons
Update 1
As per the latest guidelines, the following stores/industries will be allowed to be posted providing the offer starts on July 4 or later:

  • Pubs
  • Hotels in the UK
  • Campsites
  • Holiday homes in the UK
  • Restaurants
  • Hairdressers/barbers
  • Theme parks
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Museums
  • Bingo halls
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