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    £1 Coin

    A dad was in a restaurant with his son. The son was demonstrating how he can catch a pound coin with his mouth after flipping it in the air.

    Suddenly, he started to choke, going blue in the face. The dad realizes he had swallowed the coin and started panicking, shouting for help.

    A well dressed, attractive, but serious-looking woman in a blue business suit was sitting at a coffee bar in the mall, reading her newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee. At the sound of the commotion, she looked up, put her coffee cup down on the saucer, neatly folded the newspaper and placed it on the counter, got up from her seat and made her way, unhurried, across the floor.

    Reaching the young man, the woman carefully unzipped his pants, took hold of his testicles and started to squeeze, gently at first and then even more firmly. After a few seconds he convulsed violently and coughed up the pound coin, which the woman deftly caught in her free hand.

    Releasing the lad, the woman handed the coin to the father and walked back to her seat in the coffee bar without saying a word.

    As soon as he was sure that his son had suffered no lasting ill effects, the father rushed over to the woman and started thanking her saying, 'I've never seen anybody do anything like that before, it was fantastic. Are you a doctor?'

    'No,' the woman replied,' I work for the Inland Revenue.'




    lmao nicee
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