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Corrin Player 2 Amiibo £12.99 (£1.99 Delivery) @ Nintendo Store

Posted 19th Jan 2023 (Posted 23 h, 12 m ago)
Finally available!

Also Corrin Player 1 for £12.99

Free delivery available for over £20 spend and possible 10% off for students.

Get your order in fast
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    Miffed I missed out on the Bayonettas that came back in stock the other month, only thing missing from my collection. FYI Byleth is back in stock, know it sold out instantly on launch.
    same thing happened with those Bayonetta, posted on here then moved to discussions and people missed them.
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    Thank you so much! Been after these for a long time for the collection
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    Only managed to get both Corrin amiibo and Sephiroth
    Because they weren't posted on Ebay resellers paradise ie Hukd.
    If you really are in to Amiibo like me all you have to do is keep checking The Nintendo website.
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    Definitely should’ve stayed as a deal, but hopefully helps members get them
    exactly, this is silly by mods or whatever happens, its clearly a deal that needs to be shown on the new deals pages, crackers (edited)
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    Great spot! Personally waiting on a Ken and Banjo & Kazooie re-stock
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    I need me that Sephiroth! Can't believe I missed it!
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    Thank you legend(y)
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    Many thanks op! Been after these for quite some time!
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    so this was auto moved to discussions? instead of staying as a deal? seems silly to me, makes people miss it, when it's clearly a deal that should be on the main page... (edited)
    Yeah they said a Ninja Airfryer at RRP is a deal but this isn’t
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    This was worth £60 trade-in at CeX earlier, now it is down to £20
    Lol they drop this really fast but the splatoon ones they left for AGES and massively over RRP and they didn’t do anything, strange!
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