Corrupt USB Hard Drive.

    Garfield said he hates mondays... well... I hate computers!!!

    My 80GB USB Hard drive has corrupted on me and I have lost about 40-50GB worth of files (I think its due to a bad shutdown).

    I have downloaded a few recovery tools and tried to recover the data but it comes out in funny formates.

    For example one tool made a 13GB folder titled DIR21.BMP and inside it is a load of .BMP files that 'cannot be previewed'.

    Can anyone recommend any recovery tools that get me my files how they were on my hard drive before it corrupted, a simple copy and paste type of tool, that will scan the hard drive and then let me copy and paste the files to my PCs hard drive.



    Can you remember which recovery tools you've tried? Do you have any idea what has caused the corruption?

    The name escapes me but I'm pretty sure this is one I've had luck with a few times:…htm

    It's freeware but there's been a few occasions where it's done a much better job than non-free applications.

    It's a tricky job, let me know if you need any more help.


    hate to say it, but always back your stuff up and make a back up of that.

    probably best search for a company in your area that specialise in data recovery, should give you a free estimate of cost and what can be recovered. Will more than sharware or by any other methods of doing it yourself. remember the more yopu use data recovery programs the worse it makes it for future recovery using different or the same program..

    backup in future.

    Original Poster

    I used OnTrack's EasyRecovery to find all my files.

    I'll try the one you recommended.

    I didn't know that data recovery tools cause more damage everytime you use them

    You should be ok as long, the main problem is if you're trying to recover the data off your boot drive - obviously every time you run the PC you're going to have loads of temp files being written. As long as the tools you use just read the drive it should be fine since it's an external drive.


    Original Poster

    OK, I was getting a bit worried that I would loose files each time.

    A highly recommended one elsewhere is FREE undelete, and a good but not free one is File Scavenger 3. (The second found a lot of deleted files on my external HDD compared to the first which appeared not to start on external drives.)
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