Corrupted Micro SD Card

Found 8th Aug
So this started playing up in my other half's phone. It said it's corrupted when put into my phone.

My PC doesn't even detect it as a drive even though it detects something has been plugged in.

Any ideas? It's a Samsung Evo 32GB.
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I had 2 of the Samsung EVO Micro SD cards fail on me.

They do have a 5 year warranty, so get it replaced by the retailer you bought it from.

You can also send it back to Samsung/Hanaro in the Netherlands (get RMA from Samsung via phone/email/online chat first), but that is hardly cost effective nowadays.

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Check it's legal 1st.
It's a genuine card. Can't even remember where I got it
superfreddy9 m ago

It's a genuine card. Can't even remember where I got it

How do you know it's genuine ?
Check out this link…rue

I once had a counterfeit memory stick and it looked very legit and worked for a while before it borked.
Memory sticks/cards are notoriously bad. Always best to get a good quality one.
Is it coming up in Disk Management in Windows?
You could try formatting it in the mobile. My android kept saying memory card was corrupt. A quick format later and not had any problems nearly a year later.
If you got it from eBay, 90% chance it's fake
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