Corsair h100i water cooler - very loud stock fans.replace with?

Found 27th Sep 2014
hi recently got the h100i water cooler.
thought it would be very quiet.but was i amazed.

its very very loud.and to think i gave up my noctua d14 for this.lol

so basically im guessing its the stock fans.
so what are the best fans to replace these with?
any ideas guys?

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They're not silent but exactly loud. Are you sure you haven't got them set to the fastest profile. Either fanspeed or Corsair link should alter it. Depending on how you have them set i.e. push pull or if they've damaged will effect the noise.
I'd use AIDA64 Extreme to check temps to find out if it's cooling correctly.
Think default is balanced on corsair link. Try setting to quiet first.
Hey thanks for ur comments its on quiet. Will upload a screenshot of my settings.
Still loud. Was thinkin mayb i should replace fans
Can't see pic properly on phone and link didn't work, will check when home. But surprised, I can't hear my 80i with same fans when on quiet. So the fans get louder when profile is changed?
yep.thats it.Any suggestions to good fans to replace the stock fans with?
could try corsair.com/ru-…fan
The CFM is a lot lower but it's 12dBA down. I guess it depends on how loud it is as it's subjective. Some people can't stand any sound, I'm used to my fx8350 + R9 290 so my case always sounds loud but I've got 7+ fans with positive pressure.
cheers mate will look into it ;-) gotto find some1 selling these lol
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