Found 12th Dec 2016
Hi all, last night my corsair vengeance ddr3 ram stick failed on me randomly and only works sometimes while booting the PC and then i get the bsod. I tested the stick using memtest aswell and it came up with loads of errors. ATM I'm using my brothers ram stick, but do you guys know or have used Corsairs RMA in the UK before, if so could you tell me how it goes and if I need proof of purchase as the Ram stick came with my PC pre built.

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My guess would be if it's pre built contact the company that built the PC for you and see what they say. They might say to send it back to them.

I would contact the pre built seven if they won't fix it you can contact scan or corsair to do the return of faulty goods

If you can resolve this without going via Corsair, then I strongly suggest that you explore that path first.

Corsair "customer services" are legends in not resolving issues, and being frank were rude and unhelpful (seems lots of other people knew this, when I mentioned the fiasco with my 4 week old £160 keyboard - which they refused to acknowledge had a fault and refused a return (they didn't even see the keyboard before they decided that no blame lay in their court/with their product)).

Personally, the lesson that I learned was that Corsair will never be getting any money from me (I'm a professional software developer) or my 3 IT mad sons ever again. I do hope you manage to get it resolved successfully

I have had to RMA a few things with corsair in the past and they have always been really quick, friendly and helpful. When my h100 cooler leaked and destroyed my motherboard, gpu and HDD they sent me an upgraded cooler and generously compensated me for all the parts so can't fault them at all. I did have to supply proof of purchase though.

I would try the company that you got the pc from first and if they say no then try corsair and see if they will accept the proof of purchase from the pc.
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