Cosatto Sketch Book Pooh Dresser where to buy ??

    im looking to buy Cosatto Sketch Book Pooh Dresser best price i can get is 297 can anyone find this cheaper for me ?? thanks sarah…ore


    Save yourself £300 and change the baby on your knee?

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    its not for the changing part i need it, i dont have a spare bedroom so i was going to put a unit in the dining room and this one will match i wanted one with doors so it keeps food smells out and this one looks quite spacious i doubt i will ever use it to change baby on i prefer to change on knee,
    if i could see a lower priced one in simlar colours i would opt for that one but up to now this is the only one i have seen, i have a few more weeks so i will keep looking

    So what sorta colours are you looking for then? Creamy or White?

    I'll have a look about and see if I can help you find anything, I just think it would be mad to spend £300 on a unit your only gonna use for storing clothes when you can buy a normal one and paint if necessary.

    As I said I'll have a wee look too, I have 3 kids and know what its like to try and fit things into your home.

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    my staircase is oak handrail and cream spindles and that is the sort of look i was hoping to keep i already have 2 kids so have bought the min needed, with the 1st one i went mad, im hoping to get extension built next yr but for now little one will have to make do with draws in dining room heehee hubby has just said we can pop to ikea so what they have so gona grab coat i never get took there he hates it think 300 for a unit has kicked him into gear ha i apreciate you helping ive left some rep for you thanks again

    Yeah I was gonna suggest Ikea, I've never been in there, hubby doesn't like taking me anywhere that I could potentionally bankrupt him lol.

    Hope ya find what yer looking for.
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