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Found 30th Dec 2009
Im wondering if any1 knows anything about have cosmetic suregery , proferably lipsuction, or tummy tuck, any 1 had, no where to get it form or whats good rpices?


i went for a consultation at transform in manchester & was quoted £5800 but there website says from £4000. this was for a tummy tuck with lipo. you can get liposuction for £500 but this only removes fat. if you have lost the elasticity in the skin or have excess skin, then a tummy tuck is needed.

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oka so did u go for it? cna you not get it off the nhs? i know thats probely a stoopid questions

Dont do it, not worth it.
Dont have any surgery unless you really need it, too many things can go wrong :thumbsup:

Kanye West's Mum.....

Went for a "routine" tummy tuck etc and ended up dead!

We all go on about cosmetic surgery being the answer but sooo many things can go wrong. Yes you can sue them but what use is that when your quality of life is ruined!

did kanye west's mum have something wrong with her heart?!?!

anyway, an nhs wait is about 2 years & personally i wouldn't ask for one on the nhs as i think more important people are waiting for operations like heart bypass & lung transplants. the nhs is indebt as it is. it is also down to ur individual doctor as to if they refer u. ur individual circumstances might not meet their requirements. my friend has had 2 done on the nhs. she said to her doctor she was depressed as she had lost weight & had been left with excess skin. she had it done, lost more weight & then got another one on the nhs. i don't agree with that. i think she was lucky to have the 1st one done.

please only get one if u are very sure this is what u want & if u are not going to have anymore children as u will be left with stitches inside ur tummy. these will split if u go on to have children. x

Just saw this thread. I had a tummy tuck in August of last year and it's the best thing I have ever done for myself!
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