Cosori Air Fryer voluntary product recall in N. America + Mexico - up to 2 million units affected

Posted 24th Feb 2023
No word on a corresponding UK/European recall but Cosori has issued a recall notice regarding potential fire hazards due to wiring issues.

Products affected are currently sold on Amazon UK. Example is model no. ‎CP158-AF.…h=1
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Products affected are currently sold on Amazon UK. Example is model no. ‎CP158-AF
    is likely a questionable concept if not a flawed assumption.

    The US models have 120Volts power components whereas the UK models have 230Volts (nominal) power components.
    It is entirely plausible if not reasonable to consider that there may be wiring differences between US-market & UK market models.
    The supporting user / operating manuals also have different nomenclature to UK models.

    Random example US ‎CP158-AF product page quoting 120V and specifically stating "US/CA Only":…693
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    Very good points but of course one may think if said product had such poor quality control on the US model, are there similar issues on the UK one? Would be of great reassurance to customers if the manufacturer gave a comprehensive breakdown of what went wrong and confirm the UK variant is unaffected. (edited)
  2. AlexGe's avatar
    Model CP158-AF bought from Amazon 8 months ago used on a daily basis. Today a strong smell of burning plastic started coming from it. Be careful. I have contacted Cosori and am waiting for a response.
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    Assuming not sold by the manufacturer, contact the seller as well, as the seller holds the statutory quality obligations.
  3. tony174's avatar
    Tried to get feedback on UK situation, no response from the Company to my emails and tweets
  4. Stanmorepark's avatar
    Made in China by any chance? Let's bring manufacturing back to Europe, or to the Uk, which is even better, so we can keep an eye on things... it'll create jobs too.
  5. Dan_82's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up, will keep an eye out also.
  6. VeganPolice's avatar
    FYI Mexico is in North America.
  7. madmunky6682's avatar
    Cosori are saying it does not affect the UK models, not sure why..
    saiyuong's avatar
    Do you have a link to where they said that mate? Not sure whether or not to return mine.
  8. Foxie's avatar
    Typical I have just bought one I will keep my eye out for further info. Thanks
  9. Jamie_Perry's avatar
  10. lesadang's avatar
    Just chatted to Amazon on the app and they are sending me a return label and giving me a refund for my airfryer
    suejb2's avatar
    How long have you had your air fryer for please? Ours is less than a year old.
  11. Mary_Smyth's avatar
    Not happy with Cosori!
    If UK models are OK, just come out and say it, print it. I dont want an appliance that can burn my house down. Ive just spent an hour checking this recall out having seen it on a news banner on tv. No mention of UK being OK. Time consuming and concerning.

    Come on Cosori, lift your game, respect your customers.
  12. madmunky6682's avatar
    If you got your from Amazon message them as I got mine refunded even though there is no word of it affecting the UK ones but Amazon were happy to refund it and mines well over a year old (edited)
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