cost of car body repairs ( scratches and small dent to rear wing )

Posted 14th Feb 2016
After parking my car at a train station car park I found that my car had been damaged by some other dishonest person. I am fuming as my car is spotless not a mark on it. Now the rear wing has a few big scratches right down to the primer paint with two deeper scratches and dents. The rear bumper is slightly scratched too.

How much should I expect to have to pay to have this repaired and restored to how it looked before.
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going back 6 year I paid £400 for something similar £150 for a bumper scratch and £250 for the panel dent and paint. I used a local firm who "we paint the damage not the car" which worked out cheaper than other quotes I had got. This was on a car with a mica metallic finish.
Mine was front wing and front bumper - something like yourself I was parked outside a local store (which had closed down so no CCTV) while away going to the bank, came back to see the damage looked like someone glanced the wing while reversing out.…htm
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What kind of car is it. Age etc.
Seat Ibiza 59 Plate
So your a dishonest person eh?

Normally look for anything between £100-£200 per panel, depending on type of finish, size of panel, prep work required and any blending required.
Sorry shouldn't have put "other" in that comment! I left my car at a train station car park for two days and that happened. Raging.
You mite be cheaper going through insurance. Rear wing can be costly as it cant simply be replaced like front wing it would need to be repaired. Most plastic bumpers would need replaced also if the gouge is quite deep
The bumper as long as it is not cracked (even then some can be repaired) can be repaired, anything from £100-£150. The rear quarter panel will be roughly the same price as long as the damage is just the one panel. The scratches and the dents (depending on size) will normally just be filled and refinished.
Cheers. The damage to the rear bumper is literally just a 1.5 inch scratch down to the plastic.
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