cost of reconditioning my alternator

Found 9th Oct 2009
Morning all.
Just a question, what is a reasonable price to pay for having my alternator reconditioned? Have been quoted 120 this morning. It for saab 9-3 if that makes any difference.
Thanks in advance xx
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There are places that sell reconditioned alternators, try yello pages, I got one for my old car for about £40, it was a rubbish old Renault 19 tho. You could also try google for breakers yards etc someone may have totalled their Saab but the alternator was salvagable, maybe the cheapest option, then get a local garage to fit it for you.
i searched a USA website as i had no idea about recon -vs- new prices.
heres what i got 4 u... dont bother buying anything - just gives you an idea.…9-3


PS Guessed year as 2007 - but i dont think it makes any diff. as throughout the years, they are all the same model alternator.
Looks ok as this is the price of a new one but as others have said if its not a major concern and second hand will do try a scrap yard.…tml
A friend of mine used to work for a guy who reconned these. Its a major money earner for them as it only costs a few pence to do, they keep your old & then charge 40% of what a new one would be to buy.
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