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cost of replacing tumble dryer belt?

Posted 5th Oct 2014
i have a beko condenser dryer and yesterday the belt snapped. I was wondering if anyone knows a rough cost of getting this repaired. or would I be better spending £10 on a new belt and having a go myself.
located in warrington if it makes any difference
thanks for advice

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DIY. should be straight forward enough.
Belts seem to be about £10. And youtube shows u how to fix it.

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I've replaced one on my hotpoint drier. Not difficult at all. Just keep a track of which screw goes where, the new belt was a bit tight going on but not too bad. You'll be able to see where the old belt ran on the drum so just line it back up, nearly forgot the most important part, unplug it before you start it. Best of luck!
Take the broken one to a vendor and they will sort u out with a replacement. I got mine genuine part for just short of a tenner and as stated I followed a YouTube vid and bingo done!
thanks guys. I have ordered a replacement belt for £9 and gonna give it a go. :-)
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