Cost to fit and supply a Camshaft for Seat Leon

Found 3rd Sep 2008
Bit of a long shot this one but thought someone might know or even have a rough idea.

My dads seat leon was making a funny noise whilst driving and he took it to Arnold Clark this morning and they said it was the cam shaft and it would cost £500 for the part and to fit it!

I know practically nothing about cars but seems alot of money.

They also told my dad this morning that they didnt have the part and they would need to order it in and they just phoned there saying thats the car done.

Seems a bit iffy that they didnt have the part today and now all of a sudden at 2pm they phone saying its done when at 11am they didnt have the part, i cant see how they would have sourced the part and done the work within 3 hours.

My dads going to get the AA to check the car and see if the Camshaft has been replaced or not.

If it has does £500 seem fair for the part and for the labour? by the sounds of it if they have fitted it didnt take them very long especially to justify £500!

Any help with this would be appreciated, thanks
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Just because AC didnt have the part in, doesn't mean they couldn't get it within that time. They may have ordered it from another dealership close by or a Trade Parts Specialist nearby that stocks all of the VAG group parts.

Its plausable the cam might have gone... and £500 is about right, you will find most of that cost will be labour charges the part itself will only be about £100-£200. So say £150 for part 3 hrs labour at £60-£70p/hr +VAT and your near £500

Your old man forgot one major rule about having work done on a car..... always request the old bits back!

Register for [url][/url] & ask on there in the Leon section - you will get an answer in mins
ps - where about do you live ?

I have some software on my lappy that I could plug into your serial port (underneath the ashtray), which would diagnose the problem - as it could just be the sensor (have you got an error on the dash, a beep & light from the cooling/temp gauge?)

You haven't had a cambelt change recently have you ?
If your set on getting it done/checking the price - give these guys a bell & get a price for the camshaft - the dealers buy from these guys ;-)
OP already stated jobs been done :?
Thanks for all the info ChrisUK Rep added

From Glasgow Chris, ive posted on that site so i'll see what people say.

I'm not sure what my dads had done on the car recently but i remember he got all the brakes down a few months ago and it was the same Arnold Clark that done that.

I'll have a look at that site and maybe give them a call to see what they would charge, cheers

If your set on getting it done/checking the price - give these guys a … If your set on getting it done/checking the price - give these guys a bell & get a price for the camshaft - the dealers buy from these guys ;-)

My goodness an echo, and whatever these guys quote the public ain't the cost he's gonna get at a dealership.

The dealerships will get better discounts ordering direct from VAG group than going through a TPS centre, so they only order the parts from a Trade Parts Specialist if customer is bouncing.

TPS are only a satellite warehouse so unless you know exactly what you want you might as well try somewhere to the equivalent of German, French and Swedish.

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