Posted 3rd Sep 2008
Bit of a long shot this one but thought someone might know or even have a rough idea.

My dads seat leon was making a funny noise whilst driving and he took it to Arnold Clark this morning and they said it was the cam shaft and it would cost £500 for the part and to fit it!

I know practically nothing about cars but seems alot of money.

They also told my dad this morning that they didnt have the part and they would need to order it in and they just phoned there saying thats the car done.

Seems a bit iffy that they didnt have the part today and now all of a sudden at 2pm they phone saying its done when at 11am they didnt have the part, i cant see how they would have sourced the part and done the work within 3 hours.

My dads going to get the AA to check the car and see if the Camshaft has been replaced or not.

If it has does £500 seem fair for the part and for the labour? by the sounds of it if they have fitted it didnt take them very long especially to justify £500!

Any help with this would be appreciated, thanks
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