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Found 2nd Jan
Anyone know how much a bacon roll costs? Long story short...i think i got over charged, £8.10 for 2 bacon rolls? £4.05 per roll? Surely not?!
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there is a reason why people call it costa lot coffee
paid £12 for 2 teas, 1 coffee & a bun yesterday so probably right cost for 2 bacon rolls.
Cant believe it cost £8.10 for 2 bacon rolls, i got one last year and i dont remember it being that expensive!
mattsk14 m ago

there is a reason why people call it costa lot coffee

what is the reason?
murtgurge12 m ago

what is the reason?

They sell a lot of coffee.
No you didn’t get over charged ! Large latte and cake is £7.80
Sounds about right for starbucks so I'd imagine Costa is about the same
good old Gregs, £2 for a coffee and a bacon barm
Typical costa prices! I suppose they have high overheads as they tend to be in prime locations.
doesn't sound a lot for costa coffee. i have only been in once for a coffee, which was sickly sweet (even for me, so that is saying a lot!) and costs an arm and a leg.

i only went in there because my husband decided to go in there. it's the sort of place that i would only go in if the person i am with wants to do so.
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